BSF Hospital,TC&S Hazaribag is having a 20 Bedded BSF Hospital headed by Senior CMO(SG)as Comdt(Med), which provides health care to BSF personnel  and their family living in and around TC&S campus,Students and teachers of Kendriya Vidyalaya Meru are also utilizing the services of the hospital.  










(a)  Emergency Services

     24 hours emergency services are available. The Emergency is (fully) equipped with:-

          (i)       ECG

          (ii)      Nebulizer

          (iii)     Suction Machine


(b)  Lab Investigation

          Lab is fully equipped with:-

          (i) Semi Auto analyzer

          (ii) Elisa Reader

(iii) AB Gas Analyzer

 Thus all special pathological and biochemical investigations in addition to routine investigations are being done here.    

(c)  X-Ray machine:-

          X-Ray machine is working in this hospital to develop X-Ray films Automatically instead of manual process.

(d)  ECG:-

          Two ECG automatic ECG machine available in this BSF Hospital for recording ECG.

(e)       This hospital is also providing following physiotherapy facilities

          (i) SW Diathermy

          (ii)Cervical/Lumber Traction

(iii) Static Cycle Exercise

          (iv)Infrared Lamp

          (v)Wax bath

          (vi)Hot Packs

          (vii)Shoulder wheels

          (viii)Ankle Exerciser

          (ix)Heel Exerciser

          (x)Shoulder Pulley

          (xi)Shoulder Abduction Ladder

          (xii)Quadriceps Table

          (xiii)Ultra Sonic Therapy

          (xiv)IFT/MST/TENS(Combo pack)


(f)   This hospital has been declared VCCT Centre with Elisa Reader and Rapid diagnostic test for HIV/AIDS.


(g)  The Part time Dental Surgeon in Dental department has been engaged out of SRF to provide specialized medicine of oral treatment.


(h)  Dental Setup:-

          BSF Hospital Hazaribag has started all dental procedures including Oral surgery, endodontic treatment, scaling and root planning, periodontal surgery, orthodontic correction in maligned teeth, removal of cyst and treatment of precancerous condition called OFMF developed due to tobacco chewing and smoking.




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