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                                                                           TC&S VISION AND MISSION



     To be a premier training institution and a Centre of Excellence to train border men and personnel from other police organizations to be well equipped with knowledge and skills to manage the border effectively and take on future challenges related to internal security of the country .





     To impart specialized training through in-service courses to all ranks of the Border Security Force, SPOs, CPOs and Friendly Foreign Countries to make them effective junior leaders with capability to carry out specialized assigned tasks during peace, war and No War No peace scenario.

     Also, aim to impart quality basic training to recruits and Sub-Inspectors and groom them as effective combatants and junior leaders  respectively.



      To evolve concepts related to Counter Insurgency and Counter Terrorism operations.

  To have a well informed and updated faculty to impart quality training to GOs, SOs and Other ranks of Force, CPO/SPOs and trainees from friendly foreign countries.

Facilitate in upgrading the tactical knowledge and honing various skills of future platoon/company Commanders.

  Specialize in imparting training on identification, detection, neutralization and disposal of various types of conventional/non-conventional explosives.

Train Force personnel and those from CPO/SPOs in commando operations.


  Train the trainers who shall in turn impart physical training and assist in organizing sport activities in the Force.

   Impart training in employment & handling of various Battalion support weapons.

  Impart basic and advanced training to recruits and direct entry Sub Inspectors in a progressive manner.

  Prepare training material on various specialized subjects being taught at this institution.

  Facilitate Force Head Quarter to assess effectiveness of Frontier Anti sabotage and Bomb Disposal teams and selected personnel of Battalions Support Weapon Companies by organizing inter Frontier competitions.

  Create a favourable ambience in the institution to facilitate learning.



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